Laura M.

Cincinnati, OH

Working with Katie is the ideal situation. She is extremely knowledgeable about vocal technique and pedagogy, so she has a wealth of tools and approaches she can employ at any given time when a student is confronted with a vocal obstacle. She is always encouraging, supportive, invested, and very professional. On top of it all, Katie has opened up my sound exponentially and in a way that is equally as healthy as it is strong. I would recommend her voice lessons to any of my singing friends or family tenfold.

Gertrude L.

Chicago, IL

Katie taught my 11 year old daughter for a couple years and she was really wonderful! My daughter picked her out of several other highly qualified teachers and it was an excellent choice! She really moved in her abilities and I think during her time with Katie really got hooked on singing! Katie also helped her with a big audition for a program she wanted to get into and she did! We had never done anything like it and she was with us all the way! She is a fun, warm, enthusiastic and positive teacher. We would still be with her had she not moved away.

Malynda H.

New York, NY

There are so many amazing things I could say about Katie Leemhuis. Not only is she an incredible talent herself but she knows how to bring the best out of her students. I've never had a teacher that was so caring, so invested and so helpful. Her technique is flawless and her approach fits my needs as a vocalist. She knows how to communicate what needs to be done to produce the best sound possible without making you feel as if you've made a mistake. Her atmosphere is warm and comfortable and she will never push you to do anything you don't fee comfortable doing but will ALWAYS encourage you to take risks. Her focus on vocal health and strength is key. I couldn't recommend a better teacher.


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