Read the studio policies to learn more:

Practice Policy:  Learning to sing is a long process that requires dedication and lots of practice - even professional singers still take regular voice lessons! Katie will plan a personalized practice regimen tailored to meet each student's specific needs. She recommends using a notebook during at-home practicing to write down any questions, observations, and struggles to discuss at your next lesson.


​​​​Lesson Policy: ​ Two 3-ring binders with copies of all current repertoire (one for Katie, one ​for you), a singing notebook and pencil, a water bottle (always stay hydrated!), and if ​possible, a recording device such as a smart phone or a digital voice recorder.

Music & Copyright Policy:  As a music teacher, Katie must uphold copyright laws, so she prefers that students purchase their own books/music. During the first few lessons, Katie will discuss repertoire preferences with a new student before asking them to purchase books or sheet music. She is happy to provide ​the necessary resources for students to find music (local music stores or online sheet music ​sites), but the responsibility of providing music ultimately lies on the student.

​Payment Policy:  Payment is due upon completion of each individual lesson. Singers can pay with cash, personal check, or credit card, and will receive a receipt via email following the lesson.

​​​​Illness Policy:  Please DO NOT come to a voice lesson if you are sick as it is bad form to share your sickness with other singers! It is also very bad for your voice to sing when you are sick.  When in doubt, cancel at least 24 hours ​in advance.

​​​​Scheduling & Cancellation Policies:  Lessons are generally scheduled Monday thru Friday between normal business hours. Most lessons are scheduled back-to-back with other ​students, so if a student is late, the lesson cannot be extended past the regular time. If a student is unable to attend a lesson, they must notify Katie at least 24 hours in advance or they are responsible for the cost of the lesson.​ Katie's own personal schedule ​often requires flexibility on your part, so if she needs to cancel a lesson, you will be notified ​immediately and your lesson will be rescheduled.

​​Lesson Termination Information:  Sometimes the student/teacher relationship just doesn't "click." It is important to communicate with Katie if this happens, so that you can work together to find a solution. If a student is moving away, decides to terminate lessons, or simply wants to work with a different teacher, she is more than happy to help you in your search for a new teacher.

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