The method of the voice studio:

Katie has taught private voice lessons for more than ten years. Her students have successfully performed roles and recitals, have sung with college and post-college ensembles, and have performed in Broadway productions and television shows. The Leemhuis Voice Studio is geared toward serious classical and musical theater vocal professionals at a more advanced level.

In the studio, Katie guides her students toward a healthy and efficient vocal technique, emphasizing breath support, posture, and the elimination of tension.  Each lesson begins with breathing and vocal exercises, many of which the student can easily understand and take home for practice.  Katie's individualized approach ensures that each student develops a strong foundation in vocal technique and, with a consistent at-home practice routine, shows rapid progress from week to week.  Lessons also include work on strengthening music reading skills and ear training.  Repertoire selections cover a variety of styles, and Katie is open to each individual's preference.  She coaches her more advanced classical students in international phonetic alphabet and foreign language diction (French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Latin).


Along the way, Katie helps her students develop confidence and stage presence, encouraging them to be expressive singers and actors. Katie is also a skilled pianist, so there is no need to pay for a pianist for your lesson. However, if you are interested in bringing your own accompanist, just ask.

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